Transformation In Worship

Written on 04/15/2021
Rabih Sabra


You are who you worship!

Here is a fantastic principle: God created humans to become like the one they worship; you are who you worship! What you set your heart on, what you meditate on—that is the likeness into which you will be transformed. This principle is the reason behind the first of the Ten Commandments, “You must not have any other god but me” (Exodus 20:3). Whatever occupies our hearts and engages our fancy is what we worship. Idol worship is prevalent everywhere in the world. It manifests in religion and other firmly held beliefs, holding the human spirit in bondage and keeping it from entering the presence of God. Any action not performed as worship to God is idolatry; even Christian ministry amounts to idolatry when it is not initiated by God nor carried out as a service to Him. 
God created us for worship, and we cannot help but do so. The question is, will we bow down to God or to the whims and desires of our own heart? In a moment of decision, the first choice we have to make is whether we will worship God. Worship and transformation go hand in hand; they are the fruit of the same transaction between God and the believer.  

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