Instructions for Article Submissions

Written on 06/30/2020
Rabih Sabra

Thank you for sharing your time of worship with us. There are two types of articles that we are looking for. Here are the guidelines for submitting an article for publication on the Worship App:

1. You may submit a verse from the Holy Bible. It has to be one that reveals something about God. This includes the verse without commentary. All verses will be published in the NLT. We will list the verse in all the appropriate categories. If a verse is submitted for which we have no category, and there are many, we will consider starting a new category.  The purpose of the App is to grow the list of verses and categories so that worshippers can have more to choose from. Verse submission must be accompanied by a properly licensed image that is relevant to the content of the verse. If you submit a verse without an image we will not be able to publish it. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the right to use the image.  In order to maintain the quality of the images in the app, we ask you to please send only high-quality and relevant images with each submission.

2. The second type of article that you may submit is one that contains your personal reflections on the Person of God. These must be clearly based on Bible verses. You can include your personal commentary and testimonies.  If accepted for publication, it will be published under the section Published Articles and it may be featured on the Front Cover page.  Users may then read and comment on your article. 

All submissions are the responsibility of the author, so please abide by copyright and permissions policies. This means that your content is not plagiarized and the images you use in your article are licensed for your use.

We reserve the right to deny publication of any article at our own discretion without having to give reason or notice. We also ask all our users to be respectful to God and to one another in all communications on this app.